Our History


established in 1869

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Our story

Joseph Wadley was born December 23, 1830 in Newent Gloucestershire, England. He immigrated to the United States and was granted legal title to 160 acres on Lindon Hill. As a horticulturist by trade Joseph planted and cared for a large variety of fruit and shade trees on the farm.

From 1881 – 1883, Joseph constructed a large home patterned after a traditional English country manor.
n 1907 Joseph’s son, Joseph Daniel Wadley moved to the farm with his family and in 1925 his son, Joseph Daniel Wadley Jr purchased and worked the land for another 2 generations. Today the land is lovingly cared for by the 5th & 6th generation of Joseph’s descendants.

The turn of the century, reception barn was moved to the property in 1995 from Orem Boulevard and restored and refurbished to accommodate wedding receptions on the property.

The Railroad Building was moved to Wadley Farms in 1997.  It was the original railroad station from a mining town in the west desert, called Toplift and also keeping with the historic setting, was built in the early 1900’s.

The Castle took 5 years to build and is the newest building to the Wadley Farms property.  The wood beams, mantels on the fire places, and wood floors were all lovingly preserved from local historical buildings (Hill Air Force Base, Union Pacific Railroad and others). Chandeliers were constructed from drill pipe found in the Vernal area.  In hopes of preserving a piece of local history, we present the legacy of Wadley Farms.

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